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Iskra P-20 DTT/G mini antena su stiprintuvu
Kaina: 21.00 €
Iskra P-20 DTT/G mini antena, su integruotu stiprintuvu.
This amplified Mini Log periodic at just 440mm long gives 24db from the built in low noise amplifier, the power supply comes via the coaxial cable from the digital set top box receiver.
We also offer a none amplified version see opposite
Channels / Freq. range (MHz): Ch. 21-69, 470-862
Imped. (Ohm): 75
No. of elements: 20
Antenna gain (dB): 24
Front back ratio: 20-30
Beam width H/V (°): 45-55 / 55-65
Length (mm): 440
Noise Figure 2dB
Power Supply required 5-24Vdc (12mA / 5Vdc or 30mA 12.....24Vdc) This is normally achieved automatically via the coaxial cable from the set top box receiver

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